SUKEGAWA-WORKS specializes in special-purpose machine for insulators, and while designing and manufacturing various special-purpose machines and automatic machines utilizing its technology and achievement, its transforming into an R&D type company by delivering test machines and inspection machines for the physical and chemistry fields of study and test pieces, etc., for universities and major research institutions.

Corporate Philosophy

“Creation of Market Value”

The value of time varies greatly by the person and the tool used.
We are constantly in search of means and methods for creating infinite value and take pleasure in being able to provide it to our customers.

  1. Through our products, we continuously provide valuable time to our customers.
  2. Through our corporate activities, we recognize the importance of the limited amount of time given to each of us and continuously encourage valuable personal development.
  3. We continue to create products that add value to time and share the results with society by enjoying appropriate profits.

Message from the Managing Director

Committed to our customers for 60 years

Sukegawa Works Co., Ltd. was founded by Hatsuo Sukegawa, the present Chairman, in November 1961 in Yamate, Seto City.

Initially, the company engaged in the manufacture of molds for tiles, and subsequently specialized in the manufacture of special-purpose machines for insulators, mainly producing metal (bronze casting) molds called “round trowel,” which are essential for insulator molding.

In recent years, the company has been supplying testing machines and inspection machines for use in the field of physics and chemistry as well as providing test pieces to major research institutes, while being engaged in designing and production of a variety of special-purpose machines and automated machines. As a result, the company is now transforming into a research and development oriented company.

Thanks to your warm support, we have been able to stay in business for more than sixty years.

We will continuously make our utmost efforts in improving our products so as to contribute further to the society. To do so we are determined to meet our commitments and give value to our customers’ opinions. Your encouragement will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Representative Director Tsuyoshi Sukegawa

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