Non-black high performance lubricating antirust grease compounded with organic molybdenum/extreme-pressure agent.

Product No259664


Grease that can be used in various areas

Grease spray made of lithium grease, which is excellent in water-resistance and shear stability, compounded with organic molybdenum.
Suited for areas that require hand lubrication, such as bearing, sliding part, pin, hinge, and chain of wheels, construction machinery, facility machinery, etc.

Excellent lubricity and rust-resistance

Has a good osmotic force when sprayed, excellent lubricity under high load from organic molybdenum compound having excellent wear prevention effect, and also excellent in rust-resistance.


For pin, hinge, bearing, gear, chain, etc., of various machinery

  1. Automobile maintenance: For the lock mechanism or hinge part of the hood, trunk, door, etc.
  2. Construction machinery: For the pin or hinge part of operation lever or the hinges of cab.
  3. For wire rope, chain, and open gear.
  4. Factory machinery: Bearing, gear, chain, sliding surface of machinery as well as other hand lubrication areas.
  • Operating temperature range: -20℃ to 130℃