For winding gear of crane

Molybdenum compounded additive to prevent wear, noise, and rise in oil temperature.
Molyconc F, Molyconc M, Molyconc Super, Molyconc, Sumico Gear Special oil

When load conditions, such as pressure, temperature, and speed, are increased, lubrication becomes difficult with just a lubricant, which causes metal contact resulting in harmful effects such as wear, noise, and oil temperature rise.
Further, the life of lubricant is shortened. This product is an oil additive, a mix of various molybdenum, designed to form a lubricating film on the sliding surface to solve such problems.


Molybdenum forming lubrication film

Mix of molybdenum fine particles with excellent heat-resistance, pressure-resistance, and wear-resistance, organic molybdenum compound demonstrating immediate wear prevention effect, etc. A low friction lubrication film is formed on sliding surface to prevent metal contact, whereby reducing wear, noise, and oil temperature rise, and demonstrating extension of lubrication and replacement interval and machine lifespan. There are 7 different types of products with varying molybdenum mixture, viscosity of the base oil, etc.

Molyconc F100、320、460Organic molybdenum compound additive
Molyconc M100Molybdenum disulfide compounded additive
Molyconc Super 100Molybdenum disulfide plus organic molybdenum compound mix additive
Molyconc Molybdenum disulfide high concentration compounded additive. Suited for when oil volume of facility machine is large such as steel of cement, or in areas where change in viscosity of the oil in use is unfavorable such as refrigerating oil.
Sumico Gear Special oilMolybdenum disulfide compounded additive for gear. High viscosity oil base is effective for preventing damage to pitching and scoring of gear.

For oil under high load, impact load

  • For gear oil of various reducers, worm gear, etc., under load.
  • For bearing oil of crusher bearing, etc., of high load.

For preventing heating and oil temperature rise

  • For initial conformability lubrication, which is prone to heating, of various machinery.
  • For heat generation countermeasure during excess load operation.

For extending lubrication and replacement interval and reducing greasing volume.

  • For oil in areas where lubrication and replacement are difficult such as overhead travelling crane.
  • For chain oil of all-loss system lubrication.
  • Operating temperature range: 150℃ or less