We assist automation and energy saving for traditionally manual or semi-automatic processes.。

Coating related

X-axis automatic coating apparatus


X-axis robot will perform coating using automatic gun through programmed pattern.

Coating apparatus inside

The coating pattern is controlled by the back and forth point movement of the automatic gun of the upper X-axis robot and the selective rotations, 90°, 180°, and 360°, of the bottom jig.

Large bearing metal automatic coating apparatus

Inside of vessel bearing metal is automatically coated.

Coating apparatus work attaching component

The jig clamping the bearing metal of the work is automatically emplaced in the coating booth.
The picture is when bearing metal is unattached.

Throttle shaft automatic coating apparatus

There are various types, long and short, of throttle shaft.
The device automatically coats the outer periphery of the shaft set to the jig by the worker and bakes it as is.

Coating unit component

The vertical axis robot programmed according to the length of the shaft performs coating through using an automatic gun.


Roofing tile precutting machine

The robot, through a mapped program, adjusts the angle of the roof tiles for a single new building and cuts them using a diamond cutter.

Cut tiles

Prior to the cut, the lot number for the roof is automatically printed.

Automatic blasting machine

We introduced an apparatus with which to automatically carry in work to the shot blast machine made by Fuji Manufacturing.

Shot blast gun

Single-axis robot carries the blast gun and moves in a back and forth motion to blast the work that is automatically carried in.