Dry-type film lubricant compounded with high concentration of molybdenum disulfide.

Product No.112038


Dry-type lubrication film of molybdenum disulfide

A dark gray dry-type lubrication film compounded with high concentration of molybdenum disulfide, which has excellent heat-resistance, pressure-resistance, and wear-resistance.
Dry film is formed easily by drying in room temperature after application.

Excellent lubricity and rust-resistance

Has a good osmotic force when sprayed, excellent lubricity under high load from organic molybdenum compound having excellent wear prevention effect, and also excellent in rust-resistance.


For lubrication of high load areas and high temperature areas

  1. For sliding part under high load.
  2. For sliding part under wide temperature range from high to low temperatures.
  3. As a lubricant for assembly of machine components.
  4. For initial conformability lubrication of machine components such as large gears.
  5. For preventing seizing of bolts, etc.
  6. As a malleable mold-release agent.
  7. For extending the lifespan of cutting tools.
  • Operating temperature range: 400℃ or less
  • Method of use
  1. To increase the adhesion strength of coated film, please degrease the coating surface with a solvent.
  2. Film formation of cutting tools, etc., can be strengthened by heat drying.