Wax-base lubricant with extremely superior close adhesion that is made of molybdenum disulfide and graphite solidified with paraffin.
Dry film will prevent damage to machinery from dust.
Multiple specially developed wax-base solid lubricants are available by-application.
Reduction in labor and cost is realized.


MOWAX (handy type)

Handy type wax which the workers can carry in their pockets while performing maintenance and repair.
It can be used on areas with galling on the sliding surface as if coloring with a crayon.


Further evolution of MOWAX by including special lubricating paste.
Stable film with which close adhesion and early resolution to initial galling are realized.

Graphite Wax

Graphite Wax

Aluminum extrusion process dedicated wax.
In the aluminum extrusion process, a strong force is applied to a high temperature aluminum material (billet) using the extrusion press to push the material out of the hole of the dice.
During which dedicated wax is applied to the high temperature pusher end surface to prevent aluminum adhesion during extrusion.

CS Lubricant

Pantograph dedicated wax
The metal slider (current collecting slider) used in the pantograph comes into contact with the overhead line to obtain electricity, during which the sliding causes friction between the metal slider and the overhead line.
CS Lubricant is a wear reducing wax with high adhesion and contains a high concentration of graphite.

 Wear preventing wax for cranes.

Brdon Wax・Super Wax

Wear preventing wax for iron wheel flanges of cranes.
The original product of Tokki has a history of more than 50 years.